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PopPopLast week, Macon Co Animal Control took possession of five dogs, all in very poor condition, from a local "back yard" breeder in Tallassee. The animals had all, over the past few months, made their way into the hearts of the patrons of a bar, located across the street from the residence. Their ex owner was successfully prosecuted for cruelty to animals, but now the fate of these dogs was to be euthanasia.

MCHS was called in to evaluate the dogs and to see if adoptions could be facilitated through us, as the County is unable to do adoptions, only repossessions. Two of the bar patrons had shown interest in helping to home their special favorites, and after phone interviews and consultation on the treatment protocols and their capacity to follow them, they were approved as Foster parents. The two they picked were PopPop, a very large blue and white Pit/Bulldog mix, and PupPup, a smaller version of PopPop. They both have severe mange, secondary skin infections, are in poor weight, and PopPop is Heart Worm Positive. Their dispositions, however, are still friendly and forgiving.

PupPupAt this time, PupPup is at TSVM recovering from his neutering surgery, and we hope will be picked up by his new Foster next week. PopPop is at SCVC being treated for his mange, secondary skin infections, and heart worms, with neutering in his future as soon as he is well enough to cope with the surgery., provided he survives the current treatments.

Had we had more Fosters, we could have saved more of these poor dogs, but they were in such abysmal condition, and of somewhat aggressive disposition, that euthanasia was probably a merciful release. This "rapid response" liaison with the Macon County Pound, is one of the roles of the MCHS, in support of the local community animal lovers. We have considered putting a collection jar at the bar to raise funds for the two survivors treatment, but as one of the Fosters dryly remarked, it, and its contents would be gone the second we turned our backs!

Our thanks go to Officer Hurley, the new "Top Dog" of the Macon County Compliance Office, for reaching out and involving us in this case, so we could make a difference in the lives of two of the victims of this case.

Check out Rally to the Rescue:

Rally To The Rescue

The Macon County Humane Society is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization established in 2003 in Macon County, Alabama.  With our small group of active and highly dedicated members, we are making great strides in addressing the pet overpopulation problem and alleviating animal cruelty and suffering in our community.  We will do much more, but we need your help.

The Macon County Humane Society is a small volunteer organization that cares for abandoned and neglected animals rescued in Macon County.  Without a shelter, we use a small foster care network to provide temporary care.

The Macon County Humane Society needs many more foster homes to provide a safe environment for more animals.  If you love animals and would like to help, please consider joining the Macon County Humane Society as a foster caregiver.

At the Macon County Humane Society, our mission is:

  • Providing public education regarding animal care and welfare
  • Preventing cruelty to animals,
  • Eliminating animal overpopulation
  • Operating an animal shelter dedicated to providing humane care of lost, injured, unwanted and abused animals and
  • Placing homeless animals with caring, responsible people who share our commitment to providing proper care for our furry friends.

Our Vision for the Future:

The Macon County Humane Society envisions a community for animals where they are longer homeless but sheltered, where animals are no longer starving but fed and well cared for, where no animal will ever be a victim of international abuse, and where unintentional neglect is resolved through education.

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A Special Thanks for Assistance

If you have already supported the needs of the animals and the citizens in Macon County, Alabama, who are touched by them, THANK YOU!

We sincerely appreciate the help of those of you who have adopted homeless animals, provided foster care, helped nurse sickly and frightened animals back to health, spread the word that the Macon County Humane Society is up and running!

A special thanks to all of those who have volunteered your time to groom, exercise, and escort animals to adoption events as well as those who have provided coverage about the Macon County Humane Society on television, radio, and newspapers; written about and photographed adoptable animals for petfinders.com.

We would also like to extend our thanks to those who have supported the Macon County Humane Society with fundraising activities and membership drives including yard sales, homecoming parades, community festivals, and calendar sales.

For everyone who has helped, we would simply like to say; Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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